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Syracuse Sports Make Me Drink: Previewing Boston College/Chatting Maui Invitational

This week, we recap Syracuse's soul-crushing loss to Pittsburgh, then move on to the Boston College game (more soul crushing) and the Maui Invitational (plus beer, obviously)...

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Welcome to TNIAAM's weekly podcast series, Syracuse Sports Make Me Drink. As most of you know, it's tough being a Syracuse sports fan. We're cynical, overly defensive, perpetually pining for respect and as a result, we may have a drink or two (or more). This series plays off that, celebrating the best and worst of being a Syracuse fan each week, while also chatting gratuitously about beer.

This week, John Cassillo, Dan Lyons and Matt McClusky still aren't thrilled with how the Pittsburgh game turned out, and aren't feeling great about the BC game anymore, either. At least the Maui Invitational is going well! Some other topics include:

  • Stop leaving the Dome early when the football team's locked in a tight game. It's a bad look.
  • What are your feelings on Muppets? No one hates them, right?
  • Believe it or not, Terrel Hunt's passing has improved quite a bit
  • Jerami Grant is the most NBA-ready player on the basketball team (probably)
  • Dan gets really pissed off at a less-than-good beer (we won't name names)
  • Just now figuring out that this show should totally have a sponsor. Who's interested?
  • You can also follow John and Dan on Untappd!

Plan accordingly: This podcast is nearly 90 minutes long! There's beer talk, but don't worry, we spend plenty of time chatting Syracuse football and basketball as well (as we should)


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