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Syracuse vs. Boston College: This Is Why You Don't Retire No. 44

A star RB wearing No. 44 will add to his legacy this weekend in the Carrier Dome. Only problem? He doesn't play for Syracuse.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday, a college football player wearing No. 44 will enter the Syracuse game with Heisman hopes and history books on his mind. He will line up at running back and attempt to his already-impressive tally of 2,073 yards and sixteen touchdowns. He will no doubt wow the crowd, add to his growing legend and then continue on to greater glory in the NFL.

Only one problem. That player will be playing against Syracuse. Not for them.

Boston College Eagles' RB Andre Williams is having himself a season. And he's doing so wearing a number made famous by a trio of Syracuse Orange icons. That number is now retired at Syracuse University, so no one can wear at SU. Which means, as Mr. Williams is showing us, that the Legend of 44 will now grow solely with the help of players on any other team except Syracuse.

In essence, SU is ensuring that its place in the lore of 44 will be lessened over time because it is impossible to add any further moments, history or players into the mix. The only thing can happen is for guys like Williams to come along and add their own names (and schools) to the story.

And all Syracuse can do is offer ticket deals that ironically seem to pay tribute to the other team.

We know there have been discussions about bringing back No. 44, especially here on this site. And Floyd Little has made it clear that he wants future Orange RBs to don the number. We can't force it, especially if a guy doesn't want it, but 44 needs to be back on the table.

If for no other reason than so we increase the chances that the next great college RB to wear that number also wears Syracuse orange blue.