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What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Boston College

Our final judgement is upon us. Will we go bowling? Will we take more Orange Eagle Trophy points from BC? Will Andre Williams get directions to MetLife Stadium instead of the Carrier Dome? Yes! Yes! and sweet mercy I hope so!

Darren McCollester


Following the painful 17-16 loss to Pittsburgh when all of our collective ills finally came back to bite us all on the a** (penalties, ineffective special teams, a horrendous case of the "dropsies") in a close game, HCSS provided a quote that confirms his matter-of-fact style, and serves as a reminder of the kind of attitude we ALL need to take heading into our rivalry week game against an admittedly solid BC squad:

We came up six inches short. That's life man. We can sit here and sulk about it, but then we're being soft and we're not going to be soft around here.

Damn straight Coach. Soft is for those of you who come late and leave early. Soft is for those of you who can, but don't come at all. Soft is for fans of teams who well and truly have no future (HI UConn!).

Yeah, we're 5-6, and are in neutral compared to our strong 2012 finish under Doug Marrone. But with that said, this team is NOT dead. They have successfully established a reputation within the ACC as a...well...hard-nosed team who will punish the weak. They remain very much in line for a 7-6 finish which unless you have some serious rose-colored glasses, is exactly what we expected of this team. They are not dead because every man on this team will line up and give everything they have for this school and for us fans.

Perhaps the least we can do is give our all back to them...


In this week's final preview of the 2013 regular season, we introduce you to Boston College football, a program endearingly rooted into that now bygone Boston tradition* of not ever winning championships. We take a look back at SU and Big East ACC Diamond Ferri...who's name you should not mention in the city of Boston lest you risk having your a** served like John McEnroe. And we wrap up the What the P-S regular season with a profile of a man who is the closest thing we'll ever see to the legendary Tecmo Super Bowl Bo Jackson!

Enjoy and Go Orange!

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