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Goodbye, Productivity: 247Sports Class Calculator is Live!

247Sports has a new tool you're probably going to be interested in...

You were having a productive Thursday -- getting work done, meeting deadlines -- when suddenly, this happened:


For those of us who are interested in the recruiting game, and the subjective ratings applied to players before they experience a single college snap, this is a fantastic (read: awful) development. Obsessed over that one four-star reach at running back? Now add him to the list to see how it impacts Syracuse's overall rankings. Want to see what would happen if we dove more into Georgia and/or Florida than we already do? Add some players in and see how it impacts the overall class rankings there, too.


More than anything else, it's just another way to waste hours and hours of your day, instead of being productive. So what are you waiting for, eager Orange fan? Get out there and turn Syracuse into the five-star recruiting behemoth you know it can be and grab some more hard-nosed prospects!

*Not an advertorial at all, by the way. Just felt this was the sort of thing we all needed to know about ASAP.

(H/T @Mengus22 for the tip that this was up and running)

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