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Scott Shafer Talks Pitt Rivalry, Ashton's Plans & Terrel's Troubles

Coach Shafer chatted with reporters about Syracuse's upcoming game with Pitt and the implications.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Shafer stopped by the ACC Coaches Teleconference to talk about the Syracuse Orange's upcoming game against the Pittsburgh Panthers. Let's find out what Ol' Hardnosed had to say...

On Syracuse's chances of becoming bowl eligible:

The focus has got to be just getting the next win, and if we stay small with our target and our focus is on that, all of the bigger things take care of themselves. So really, that's the approach we're taking and that's the belief I have. I always talk to the kids about controlling the controllables, and as a coach, you have to do the same thing and I really think focusing in on those smaller targets is the key to getting the opportunity that could come down the road.

On longterm plans for Ashton Broyld:

When we get through the season, we'll look at all those things with everyone on our team. But right now, he's a good weapon for us on offense. He's getting to the point where we can move him around a lot and play him in different positions on offense, and really, that's our only focal point right now is finding ways to get him and the other guys that we believe give us a chance to stay creative and put the ball into our playmakers' hands and focus in on getting that next win.

On the fact that Terrel Hunt hasn't thrown a touchdown since the Tulane game:

I think if you look backwards, you're making a mistake.

Greg Robinson agrees.

On Hunt's struggles and what he likes about his QB's play:

Terrel, he's a competitor, so I am happy with that side of him as a player and student athlete. He just has to continue to work on his consistency, and the guys running the routes have to continue to work on their consistency to give him a chance. It's all-inclusive. I've said it many times; the quarterback is going to take the brunt of the criticism when you're not as productive as you want to be in any particular area with the passing game.

On the yearly Pitt rivalry and the renewed Boston College rivalry:

It's what college football should be about. With the push towards the big mega-conferences, to some degree, I'm saddened that some of the rivalries are not played anymore. We don't play West Virginia anymore. That was a great game. So I'm glad that we are able to do two things, first and foremost, this week playing a Pitt team that we've been playing for the last 55 years; I think it's great for the fans in both towns and for the fans in the northeast that have watched these games for so many years.

And I'm equally excited about the fact that we are re-doing the Boston College game, too. I think any time you have that familiarity with an area and a fan base, it's a positive thing. And that's one thing that's nice with the ACC bringing ourselves into the league, as well as having Boston College and Pitt, you get that opportunity to see some of those old-time rivalries stay the course. I know the fans enjoy it and I know our fans are fired up about it.