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What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Pittsburgh

On Saturday, the WCW belt is on the line! Bowl eligibility is on the line!! AND ONE MAN's LIFE IS ON THE LINE!!! Okay, only one of these statements is true.........or is it???

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport


Hi everyone. How's it going? Hope you all had a good weekend, what with Syracuse football's bye week and all...

(clears throat)

Moving on...

5-5 with two to play. Again, we're right where most of us thought we'd be heading into the "business end" of the regular season. Two home games against familiar one, we can go bowling. Win both, we bowl with a chance to match our 2013 season and take real confidence into HCSS' second season as head coach. Lose both? Come now, let's not think's not like we are fresh off some crazy blowout loss, right?

DO NOT nod your head in the affirmative!!!

Anyway, Pitt and BC both present us with winnable games at home. Winnable indeed, but knowing all of our respective strengths and weaknesses, I can see both games being truly gritty affairs...the kind where hits will be hard, players will be covered in dirt*, and the outcome will be in doubt right into the 4th quarter. Blowout season is past us's time to bring our Northern football back to the North. And with it, it's time to stamp our ticket to December.


In this week's preview, we return to the familiar face that is the Pitt Panthers (official football team of the BBVA Compass Bowl). We reacquaint ourselves with former New Jersey State University at New Brunswick quarterback Tom Savage, and check in with Otto and ROC Panther, who find themselves in an awkward situation with a member of their past...

Enjoy, and Go Orange!

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