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Julian Whigham Update: 'The Worst Pain I Felt In A Long Time'

Syracuse CB Julian Whigham is recovering in the hospital after a violent collision during the FSU game.

Joe Robbins

By the time the second half kicked off between the Syracuse Orange and Florida St. Seminoles, there was really one concerned that either side didn't yet know the answer to. How was Julian Whigham, who was taken off the field in a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance following a violent collision, doing?

Michael Cohen was with Whigham in the hospital room at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to get a first-hand account of what happened and how the Syracuse CB is doing.

"I thought I was dying in the ambulance," Whigham said. "I'm good now."

...In the ambulance, emergency medical technicians cut away Julian's jersey and removed his shoulder pads to access his chest. The pain, which Julian likened to "getting hit by a truck," pulsed through his entire body. He closed his eyes, squinting hard against the agony as he answered questions about his breathing.

"I just —" Julian starts, then stops and pauses to properly describe the moment. "That was the worst pain I felt in a long time."

Long story short, it sounds like he's stable but the eventual outcome remains unknown. The injuries are likely related to his previous esophagus issues and may require further surgery. Whether or not he makes it back on the field this season is much less of a concern (though we will certainly miss him) than his general health.

Whigham also got a nice visit from FSU coach Jimbo Fisher, who stopped in to check on him unannounced (Dammit, why must I find more reasons to like FSU?). Cohen notes that Fisher had no previous relationship with Julian, it was simply him checking in on the kid.

Whigham himself checked in on Twitter Saturday night to let fans know he was doing better.

So now we wait to find out the next steps for Whigham, just thankful that it sounds like he's doing well in the meantime.