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Syracuse vs. Colgate: Official TNIAAM Predictions

Let's find out what the TNIAAM folks expect to see when Boeheim's boys take the court.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

In the much easier Saturday game to look forward to, the Syracuse Orange basketball team will try to move to 3-0 when the host their old friends the Colgate Red Raiders. Let's find out what the TNIAAM folks expect to see when Boeheim's boys take the court:

Lisa Nelson

Syracuse 79 - Colgate 63

Heading to Syracuse tomorrow for family stuff, so I get to see this one in person! You should look for me. I'll be the chick sitting by herself because "it's only Colgate" and NO ONE will go. Whatever. They'll miss out, and I'll honor my contract. How's that for a prediction? Go Orange!

Jeremy Ryan

Syracuse 82 - Colgate 57

Syracuse has faced Colgate 166 times and won 47 in a row. I see no reason why it won't be 48 after Saturday. The Raiders could give the Orange fits on the perimeter, as other smaller teams who like to shoot threes have been known to do. Just look at the first half versus Cornell. I'd like to see the Orange execute better on defense, both in the half court and the press. I also hope they continue to throw it into DaJuan Coleman and see what he is capable of. If he can develop into a decent low post threat and keep pounding the offensive glass, he'll give the Orange a facet that they haven't had since Arinze Onuaku and Rick Jackson were pounding opposing bigs in the paint. In the end SU's size and athleticism will win out, and the Orange will cruise to a 20 or 25 point win. Let's say 82-57. I just wonder how many fans will show up to the Dome with the football game going on at the same time, and nice weather (for mid-November) predicted in Syracuse on Saturday...

Matt McClusky

Syracuse 88 - Colgate 66

Another snooze fest, but I want to see two things: 1) Syracuse play two complete halves -- is it a crime for SU to win by 40? It doesn't have to be perfect, but just blow out a team from tip to buzzer, eh? And 2) The continued development of the inside game, specifically Rak Christmas and DaJuan Coleman. Both have shown some improvement over the course of the exhibition season and the first two real games. Here's hoping continue to get closer to the double-double level we all (eventually) expected to see.

Chris Daughtrey

Syracuse 85 - Colgate 50

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the Fordham game at all, but from what I gather, it wasn't nearly as close as the final score indicated. I don't expect the contest against Colgate to be any different. Adonal Foyle isn't walking through that door.

Jared Smith

Syracuse 84 - Colgate 45

Taco Time comes with 15 minutes to go in the game and is accomplished with Carly Jepsen Fair knocks down his 25th free throw of the night.

John Cassillo

Syracuse 90 - Colgate 68

Syracuse continues its bipolar play, but obviously runs away with this one against the Raiders. C.J. Fair and Jerami Grant lead the way, scoring 20 apiece and after a lackluster first half, the Orange come on strong to cruise to a victory.

Sean Keeley

Syracuse 80 - Colgate 63

Whatever, right? It's Colgate. We're going to win. Our freshmen will play spotty. Someone will score 20 points. We won't win by as much as you'd like but it will be enough that we can just move on and forget it.

So now its your turn, what do you think the outcome of the game will be?

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