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Syracuse vs. FSU: Official TNIAAM Predictions

We have to do this. Sorry.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Look, this isn't gonna be fun. Let's just get through it together, okay? We'll give you our predictions for the game between the Syracuse Orange and Florida St. Seminoles and then you'll tell us yours.

Matt McClusky

Florida State 52 - Syracuse 6

Ugly. All sorts of ugly. Florida State is simply in another stratosphere, and this Jameis Winston stuff won't affect Saturday (and here's guessing it won't really affect anything, ever). Really, Syracuse fans should be concentrating the final two games of the season after Florida State. Win one and a bowl game will happen, win two and maybe it will be a half-way decent bowl. In other words: IGNORE SATURDAY AND LOOK FORWARD TO BOSTON COLLEGE AND PITTSBURGH. SERIOUSLY.

Jared Smith

Florida State 52 - Syracuse 10

It pains me to say this, but Syracuse fans will want to hide the kids, hide the wife for this one. I have small hope that Syracuse will be able to run the ball a bit against, grind down the clock and make a play or two on defense to make it respectable. But, that's what we hope to happen against Clemson at home and we all know how that turned out. There's nothing good about this game. I just hope Syracuse gets out of it healthy and not lose confidence in itself, as it has two more important games to play against Pitt and Boston College.

The Invisible Swordsman

My Prediction??? Pain.

We’re jumping into an SEC-style hostile environment, and playing arguably the best football team in the country. Look, I don’t expect Syracuse to be able to keep up with the Seminoles, and if I’m really being honest, I have big reservations predicting that we’ll even cover the spread. But with that said, I will make one confident prediction: That this team will fight like hell regardless of the score. This team has character and honor, and though it may or may not get ugly in Tallahassee, we’ll just keep on throwing ourselves straight into the teeth of the ‘Noles. It’s just what we do…and I love this team because of it.

John Cassillo

Florida State 56, Syracuse 10

George McDonald gets smart and spends most of the first half pounding Florida State on the ground, which allows SU to chew some clock, but not much else. Though they go into the half down "just" 21-3, the Orange get anxious in the second half and start throwing the ball. Things predictably fall off the rails from there and in the end, Syracuse just can't stay close enough. A combination of "bad" SU and Jameis Winston pulverize any final chances this team has and the 'Noles win by as much as you'd expect. Still, we're 5-5 with two games to play!

Sean Keeley

Florida State 52 - Syracuse 21

Is it weird that I feel like by saying Syracuse will score 21 points, I'm doing them a huge favor? Maybe not. Look, I'm obviously rooting for the miracle but there's just no logical way to predict it. Florida State is just on another level and while I love this SU squad, I'm just gonna call it a win if they don't let FSU cover.

Okay, now it's your turn...

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