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Syracuse Orange (1-0) vs. Fordham Rams (1-0) GameThread

The Orange host Fordham in another early season warm-up.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Cooney & The Syracuse Orange look to keep the early season momentum going when they host the Fordham Rams in the Carrier Dome tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Unfortunately, the only way to watch the game is ESPN3/Watch ESPN, so, good luck with that if you can't access it.

For more info on series history, odds and more, check out our rundown here.

We got the inside scoop on what to expect out of the Rams in this Q&A.

Jeremy Ryan will be at the Dome for the game as well as Boeheim's post-game presser. Make sure you follow him on Twitter.

In lieu of a separate post, you can find our predictions for the game below. Read'm and then make your own in the comments before the game.

Matt McClusky

Syracuse 88 - Fordham 65

Trevor Cooney stays hot, hits five more threes, finds the resolution to the Incognito issue that actually appeases everyone, quantifies the formula that gets Syracuse football into the BCS, and develops the perfect Thursday night line up for NBC. Of course, the following game Cooney will miss go cold and the commenters will call for his benching.

Chris Daughtrey

Syracuse 85 - Fordham 55

Well, I thought the Orange would handle Cornell easily yet, despite the 20+ margin of victory, it didn't feel that way. I hope Jerami Grant comes back with a vengeance and puts on a dunking exhibition like the Hakim Warrick Jr. we're all hoping he'll become.

Jeremy Ryan

Syracuse 85 - Fordham 60

I expect Jerami Grant to have a big game. Fordham starts four guards, so at some point one of them will have to guard Grant, who should be chomping at the bit after sitting out the Cornell win. I also think this could be a chance for DaJuan Coleman to get untracked. Either Coleman or Rakeem Christmas will start out with a guy about a half a foot shorter guarding him, regardless of whether Fordham plays man or zone. I'd like to see the Orange pound the ball inside to start and punish the Rams for playing so small.

Sean Farrell

Syracuse 80 - Fordham 55

In my first (regular season) Syracuse basketball game I attended, Syracuse beat Fordham, 78-53, in the 2011 season opener. I expect something similar tonight. The Rams are coming off back-to-back seasons with only three conference wins in the A10. The year before, they had one. Then zero. They're just not very good. I expect a typical Syracuse game in which a lesser opponent hangs around for a little while in the first half. Fordham uses a unusual four-guard system, which could confuse Syracuse at first. But the Orange will probably go on a dominating late first-half/early second-half run like we're accustomed to seeing. I also expect Jim Boeheim to get more people involved tonight. With Cornell keeping the game close for so long, it meant like guys DaJuan Coleman, Ron Patterson and B.J. Johnson didn't get a whole lot of playing time. And with Trevor Cooney's hot performance, there weren't enough shots to go around. (If you ever thought you'd ever read that sentence on this site, take a drink.)

John Cassillo

Syracuse 84 - Fordham 64

Jerami Grant's back, so right away, the Orange look better set up for success than they had initially against Cornell. But I'm curious is where the identity of this team will ultimately lie, and it's unlikely we get any closer to that answer against Fordham. Grant will help move the ball inside a bit better, which should reduce our reliance on the three-point shot as a catalyst. Expect Trevor Cooney to handle the bulk of the outside shooting, and for Boeheim to give Tyler Ennis plenty of time to continue getting acclimated to the college game.

Lisa Nelson

Syracuse 85 - Fordham 73

I don't favor the Orange as much as many might because of the Rams' potential to hit the ground running in the scoring category. Nevertheless, Ennis has settled down, Cooney has settled in, and Grant has settled up (This fills our suspension quota for the season now, right?). As long as Keita brings the Krazy Eyez, we're good to go.

Sean Keeley

Syracuse 77 - Fordham 58

The return of Jerami Grant reminds me that Syracuse played without Jerami Grant last weekend against Cornell. That's 10-15 points that we missed out on. Cool. Look, Fordham has some decent weapons and a sharpshooter who can cause problems, but, you know...

Leave your pre-, in- and post-game comments below. G'ORANGE!