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Syracuse vs. St. John's: Big Apple Orange To The Rescue

SU's NYC alumni club has the single-game tickets you crave.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we noted that the St. John's Red Storm were one of many upcoming Syracuse Orange basketball opponents who are locking up SU game tickets in packages to deter Orange fans from gobbling them all up i.e. The Georgetown Method.

Big Apple Orange, the SU Alumni Club of NYC, sprung into action and wrote in to let everyone know how to get single-game tickets:

We (Big Apple Orange) have secured over 800 individual tickets to the game and are selling them directly to Syracuse fans, no ticket package purchase required. The tickets are in both the 100 and 200 levels, much better than the 300 level seats available directly from MSG.

Right now they are only available to Big Apple Orange members ($25/yr donation), and we have already sold a few hundred. Wednesday morning they go on sale to the public (at a higher price).

If you're a member, go get'm. If you're not a member but live in the area, sign up.

Sorry, St. John's. We are coming.

And while we're on the topic, don't forget to get your TNIAAM tickets for the Boston College football game.

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