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Syracuse vs. Florida State: Game Televised On ABC/ESPN2, 'Noles Favored By 38.5

Good news, East Coasters. The game will be televised on ABC (ESPN2 for the rest of us).

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

And so here we are. The Syracuse Orange are 5-4, needing to win one of their final three games to become bowl eligible. Not too shabby.

Also not too shabby, the Florida St. Seminoles, who will be the unquestioned No. 2 team in the nation this week with a 9-0 record.

The Orange will head to Tallahassee this Saturday for their toughest test of the season, and arguably the toughest test they've faced in a decade, when they play FSU at 3:30 p.m. ET

It was unclear exactly what channels the game would be available on before now but it's become official. The game will be televised on ABC and ESPN2. Chances are if you're on the East Coast, you'll get it on ABC. If you're West of the Mississippi, you're probably looking at ESPN2. Check your local listings (and don't ask me).

Driving home just how daunting this challenge will be for the Orange, the initial betting odds are out and they put the Seminoles as a -38.5 favorite. And honestly, I won't be too surprised if that line rises.

The good(ish) news is that, with Oregon out of the way, the 'Noles don't have to be as concerned about style points anymore. If they win-out, they're almost certainly good for the National Title game. Of course, that might be the difference between them scoring 70 points and 56 points, which may or may not make you feel better.