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The Quest For Belk, Week 6 Update: Four Outta Seven

The Orange lost this weekend, meaning they have to win more games than they lose if they want to get Belky.

Brett Carlsen

To be fair, not too many people expected the Syracuse Orange to defeat the Clemson Tigers this weekend. So in terms of The Quest For Belk, it's not as damaging as it might have looked (Frankly, I'm looking at that Penn State loss as the one we're gonna be kicking ourselves over). However, a loss is a loss and The Quest-O-Meter does not suffer fools.


Our intro to the ACC wasn't fun but there's still plenty of possibilities ahead. NC State looked a lot tougher before they lost to Wake Friggin Forest. Wake Forest is Wake Friggin Forest. As bad as Syracuse looked this weekend, Maryland looked worse. Pitt could go either way, same for BC.

So, keep the hope, Orange fans. Belk remains belkish.