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Clemson 49 - Syracuse 14 Post-Game Discussion Thread

What else can we say, but, oof.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports


I mean...oof.

What there to say? The Clemson Tigers are for real. Tajh Boyd is certainly for real. And Sammy Watkins is for real. As a whole, they just looked bigger, stronger and faster (at least for a while). The Syracuse Orange had some opportunities but refused to get out of their own way long enough to take advantage of those opportunities. And in the end, Clemson rolled to a 49-14 victory in a game that was over long before the final whistle blew.

To their credit, the defense fought back and gave the offense the chance to try and get back in the game. However, turnovers and penalties wouldn't let it happen. Terrel Hunt played a legitimate defense for the first time and he certainly paid for it. The shine is off, but maybe that's a good thing long-term.

We'll have a full post-game recap soon but in the meantime, leave your thoughts, concerns and fears below. And then go watch Otto take out his frustrations on Taye Diggs: