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Be A 'Sellout' For Syracuse-Clemson: Special $15 Tickets For TNIAAM Readers

SU Athletics is offering special $15 tickets to TNIAAM in order to help sell out the Dome.


So last night I got some good news. The Syracuse - Clemson game is getting pretty close to being a sellout. However, it still needs one final push.

Then I got some even better news. SU Athletics is offering TNIAAM readers that were still on the fence a special deal for tickets.

Just click this link and enter the code ORANGEOUT (case sensitive). You'll be able to get tickets that are usually $29 for just $15.

Packing the Dome will go a long way towards not only making the players feel supported but also fixing the rift that exists between the Syracuse fans when it comes to attendance. Clearly, every avenue is being explored to get your butt in one of those seats. Can't imagine a better time to do it.