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Syracuse vs. Clemson: Official TNIAAM Prediction Time

One TNIAAMer has the temerity and tenacity to pick the Orange to win. Bless'm.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

LET'S CUT THE CHIT-CHAT, A-HOLE! What's your prediction for the Syracuse Orange vs. the Clemson Tigers?

Dan Lyons

Clemson 41 - Syracuse 30

Syracuse is just not quite ready for this type of game, not against a team that has visions of BCS and Heisman trophies dancing in their heads. I think that the Orange will come out highly motivated, and play Clemson about as close as any team will this year, because they seem to do that when a team that's a major favorite comes into their building, and because I'm a massive Syracuse homer, but I don't think this squad has the raw talent to compete with the Tigers. West Virginia in 2011 and Louisville in 2012 were good teams, but this Clemson team looks elite, and there is a major difference. I don't anticipate a game getting out of hand, and Orange fans will be in their seats until the end (if that's not too much to ask), but I don't see a win here.

The Invisible Swordsman

Syracuse 38 - Clemson 34

Look, I am not a football analyst. And for those of you know my contributions on this site, 60% of the time I am joking all of the time. So, unlike someone like, say, Jon Wilner, I make no misrepresentation about my credentials related to all things college football. I am, like many of you, just a fan who probably cares slightly too much about all of this s#*t. But here's the thing. My instincts are pretty good, and my instincts tell me that Syracuse will win this one...much like it won recent home games against West Virginia and Louisville when the college football "world" (i.e. a few dozen underpaid sports-geeks furiously racing to meet a deadline in their 6'x6' cubicle) told us we had no shot. Clemson is, as far as I have seen, an extremely good football team. But in football, like in life, there are times when the underdog simply rises up and defies the odds. My instincts tell me Saturday is one of those days, and that we are in for a special afternoon of football...Ghost of Ben Schwartzwalder-willing.

Matt McClusky

Clemson 38 - Syracuse 17

How long will the steamy Dome be the steamy Loud House Saturday? That's the question. If it's a ball of buzz past the first two quarters, Syracuse will have a chance to hang around. But if the first Boyd to {insert any Clemson player here} bomb takes the breathe out of the fans, this game could be ugly quick. The last three decades have taught me the Tigers will likely get out to a double-digit lead early, Syracuse will fight to stay in the game with some defense and field goals, but eventually Clemson closes out with a more than comfortable win.

Of course, the over-heating Tigers could fold due to atmosphere and Terrel Hunt, this is Clemson we're talking about here. But I just don't see that happening. So be prepared to throw this game in the garbage and continue to hope SU can beat the Marylands, N.C. States, and Pittsburghs of the ACC.

Jared Smith

Clemson 35 - Syracuse 20

The past few years have featured the Syracuse Orange taking it to nationally-ranked opponents at the Dome. Unfortunately, I think Syracuse may have used up all its trump cards in this situation.

Look, I love Scott Shafer and the players on this team but they have yet to prove they can game plan like Doug Marrone, Nate Hackett and Shafer and figure out a way to complete confuse a favored opponent. Could they on Saturday? Sure, but I am going to believe it when I see it.

I hoping a good showing from our boys and I think early on they can keep it close. But, overall, Clemson just has too much firepower.

Andrew Pregler

Clemson 49 - Syracuse 24

While this game has been circled on the schedule since the day the schedule was released, that doesn't mean I like how this matchup plays out. You've got an explosive high powered offense led by two NFL caliber impact players looking to avoid the label of letdown that has plagued them versus a solid team that still has glaring holes in talent at experience at positions the former can exploit. That all being said, Scott Shafer has a history of taking down highly touted dual threat QB's in his tenure at Syracuse and Tajh Boyd will be the best one he's faced. Throw in the bye week and I really think Boyd will be unsettled for the first quarter. If Syracuse and Terrell Hunt make the big plays early to bring the crowd to life, Syracuse has a chance to hang in there all of the way. However, I don't think the offense or defense has gelled enough to this point so I'll go Clemson 49 Syracuse 24 final that's much closer than it reads.

John Cassillo

Clemson 45 - Syracuse 28

Clemson's a tough opponent, let's get that out of the way. The offense is obviously the star of the show, with elite playmakers in Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins, though the running game's a bit lackluster. Problem is Syracuse shutting down the run won't affect the Tigers much. It's almost what they want you to do, so Chad Morris can just let loose throwing the ball downfield -- obviously dangerous against our secondary. Defensively, the Tigers apply a ton of pressure, and are a much better unit than they're ever given credit for. If the Orange line can hold up and protect Terrel Hunt from the first real defensive line he's seen all year, at least the offense will move the ball. But I just don't see us beating Clemson in the sort of shootout this would inevitably become.

Sean Farrell

Clemson 38 - Syracuse 24

The Clemson Tigers will score points, but they won't score THAT many points, guys. Clemson is averaging 43.0 points per game. Syracuse has actually been very good defensively. The Orange has allowed 22 points per game. That's good for 45th in the country, easily in the top half of the country. The most important part about Terrel Hunt so far (even against weak competition) is that he hasn't turned the ball over. If Syracuse continues to avoid making mistakes, the Tigers won't score points in bunches. I have no reason to believe that Hunt will not be able to move the offense enough to keep the game competitive.

Sean Keeley

Clemson 48 - Syracuse 28

God bless, Swordsman up there. I wish I had that kind of gusto. I don't even know what gusto is but I digress. I like this Syracuse team and I like Terrel Hunt and I like their chances for the rest of the season. But Clemson, you guys. Even if we figure out how to keep the defense in check, I just can't see how our defense can do the same to their offense. The only way we're beating Clemson is if their offense allows us to. And if it turns into a track meet, I just don't know if we can go toe-to-toe. That said, I see this one being a game for 2+ quarters until Tajh & His Tigers start to pull away and do the things No. 3 teams are supposed to do. I really, really hope I'm wrong.

Your turn...