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Syracuse Daily Links - Honoring Wilmeth Sidat-Singh

Lots of talk about SU legend Wilmeth Sidat-Singh, an Orangemen whose praise is long overdue.

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76 Years Later, Maryland Tries To Right A College Football Wrong

"As soon as he read about it, Kevin Anderson told me, 'We've got to address this,'" Shorter-Gooden says. And what Anderson decided on was to have a ceremony honoring Sidat-Singh the next time the Syracuse football team came to town. That will take place next Saturday. The athletic department has reserved a suite in Byrd Stadium for Sidat-Singh's relatives.

Wilmeth Sidat-Singh: At Syracuse, a name too long ignored |

When will Syracuse University honor one of its greatest sons?

Syracuse football great Donovan McNabb's top five basketball moments |

Donovan McNabb will have his football jersey honored during Syracuse's football game against Wake Forest on Saturday, but don't forget the quarterback was also a basketball player.

Syracuse University Athletics - SU Ice Hockey Games To Be Televised For First Time In Program History

The Syracuse Ice Hockey team has announced two games to be aired on Time Warner Cable SportsChannel. The Orange will face Colgate on November 26 and Cornell on December 3 on the regionally televised network, marking the first time a Syracuse ice hockey game has been televised.


Sixty-seven players from current Atlantic Coast Conference schools are listed on NBA team rosters as the league opens the 2013-14 season. Syracuse had six: MCW, Southerland, Anthony, Onuaku, Waiters, Johnson.

How many games can Syracuse basketball expect to win this season? | The Juice Online

I created a regression model to predict the team’s winning percentage. The model takes into account the talent Syracuse is losing measured by minutes played last season, the talent of SU’s freshman measured by the performance of previous recruits, and a few other factors including the performance of last year’s team and any incoming transfers.

Orange Basketball: Mark Your Calendars for These Matchups : Orange Fizz

It’s a new season. A fresh start. New memories will be made against new opponents. Here are some of the big games this season for the Orange and ones that’ll make you go crazy.

Home sweet home: Brown returns to roots as owner of pro lacrosse team | The Daily Orange

"We played because we loved the sport," Brown said. "There was no pro level. It just cut off."

Syracuse quarterback Terrel Hunt is still the starter, but Drew Allen 'is ready, too,' Scott Shafer says |

"Terrel will start the game and we'll see how it's going," Shafer said. "He's had a good two weeks of practice, but Drew is ready, too. "Like any other position on the field, you look at how the productivity is going or not going at an individual position, whether it'd be quarterback or middle linebacker, and if it's not what you want, rotate guys in, and that's kind of the approach we'll take."

Syracuse coaches don't see connection between Georgia Tech defeat and decommitments of two recruits |

"Very little to be quite honest with you," Shafer said of the impact of Georgia Tech loss. "You're going to have sways both ways. When you lose a guy here or gain a guy there, you realize that's part of the process. You can't lose sleep over the ones you lose, you focus on the ones playing for you. That's what we do."

Syracuse coach Scott Shafer explains lack of playing time for wide receiver Quinta Funderburk |

"To be honest with you he just wasn't in the plans to probably get on the field," Shafer said at his press conference Thursday. "I wanted to bring a couple young guys on that trip so they could get back close to home and see their families."