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Syracuse vs. Wake Forest: Dyshawn Davis Will Play, Dixon & Fisher Will Share Kicking Duties

Scott Shafer says that Dyshawn Davis will play while Riley Dixon and Jonathan Fisher will both fill in for suspended kicker Ryan Norton.


Scott Shafer and Jim Grobe took part in the weekly ACC Coaches Teleconference on Wednesday and followed it up with some chats with local reporters. Let's find out what the dealio is.

First and foremost, we learned that the Syracuse Orange will get star linebacker Dyshawn Davis back on the field.

"He practiced yesterday, ran around pretty good, and then he was in for treatment early this morning, and he's done a nice job staying up on the treatment. We're ramping him up each day and looking forward to getting him back on the field."

"He’s doing good. He’ll be playing Saturday."

We know that Terrel Hunt is back to splitting first-team reps with Drew Allen. Has QB1 lost confidence? Has the Georgia Tech game shaken him? And what's Scott Shafer doing about it?

He's a fighter. He's a hard-working kid. He's had all kinds of major speed bumps in his life, and he can brush it off and go to the next game. We talked about one game that didn't go the way we wanted to, but now you get rid of it and focus on the future of the next game, the preparation, and you just talk to him, talk to him no different than you would your own son, hey, how you feeling, how's your mindset right now, what are you struggling with, what aren't you struggling with, how can we get you better. Communication is the key, regardless if you won a game and you're worried about they're too big for their britches or you lost a game and you're worried about them feeling sorry for themselves. You bring them back the same way; you be consistent as coaches and leaders and give the kids an opportunity to communicate with you then you go to work on it. The biggest thing is you man up and you face it like a man and you prepare like a man for the next game, and Terrel has done a nice job with that and so has the rest of the team.

As for the kicking game, Shafer explained exactly what he's going to do without his starter:

"It is what it is," Shafer said. "You move forward and go to the next guy."

"Depending on where we are on the football field either [Riley Dixon or Jonathan Fisher] can be kicking," Shafer said.

Neither kicker has attempted a field goal for Syracuse, though both were kickers in high school. Gulp.