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Syracuse Basketball Players Love Meatloaf Pizza, Hate The Flash asked the SU basketball players some probing (and not-so-probing) personal questions. We then made fun of their answers...

Nate Shron

Excuse us for being a little late on this but last week asked the Syracuse Orange basketball team some probing questions about their likes, dislikes and general habits as they prepare for the Halloween season as well as the basketball one. The TNIAAM team picked through the answers to see what we could extrapolate from them, from the curious to the shocking to the downright weird. Here. We. Go...

What's the best Halloween costume you've ever had?

Christmas: One of the New Boyz. I did a lot of jerking that day. A lot of dancing.

Sean: "There's got to be a better way to say that."

Dan: ...

Cooney: Cowboy

Jared: Was he a sharp shooter? (Get it? GET IT?)

Keita: Superman

Lisa: Be The Matrix this year, Baye. Give the people what they want.

Patterson: I was the white Power Ranger when I was little.

Jared: "Wasn't everyone the white Power Ranger at least once? Also, seems like Saban Entertainment's efforts to market the (token) black Power Ranger missed its mark."

Lisa: I’m going to be the blue one on Friday. Don’t judge me.

What's your favorite Halloween candy?

Christmas: Gummy worms

Lisa: What neighborhood gives out gummy worms on Halloween?!

Obokoh: Kit-kat

Lisa: Oh, gimme a break. (That’s a joke, Clemson.)

Patterson: Reese's

Sean: Pieces or Peanut Butter Cups? BE F***ING SPECIFIC!

Cooney: Candy corn

Gbinije: Candy corn

Johnson: Candy corn

Sean: THREE people say candy corn is their favorite Halloween candy? That's seven more than it should be.

If you could have the hair of any celebrity, whose would you want?

Christmas: Birdman from the Miami Heat

Lisa: This surprises no one.

Coleman: Trinidad James

Sean: I had no idea who this was. I am old. And white. And don't wear a lot of gold.

Cooney: Ryan Gosling

Sean: Photoshoppers...make it happen.

Lisa: My Monday is exponentially better after having pictured Ryan Gosling.

Ennis: Iman Shumpert's old haircut

Lisa: If this team is full of faux hawks and flat tops next year, I’m buying season tickets.

Gbinije: Ab-Soul

Sean: idea.

Grant: Rakeem Christmas

Lisa: Mission accomplished.

Fair: I don't want the hair of anybody else.

Dan: Gotta love CJ's confidence here. Make people want your hair, Crispix Jehoshaphat.

Lisa: Damn straight. You do you, C.J. Headbandz-a made them dance.

Johnson: Ron Patterson

Lisa: And this is how bromances start.

Keita: Will Smith

Sean: Pre or post-Willenium?

Patterson: Chief Keef

Sean: I AM SO F***ING OLD.

Which teammate do you want to see do the hula in Maui?

Obokoh: No idea. I haven't seen anybody dance.

Lisa: Does Obokoh know this isn’t serious? Also, everyone do it. This needs to be the team photo. Stat.

Jared: The real answers is: Boeheim. Jim Boeheim.

What's your shoe size?

Christmas: 16
Coleman: 15
Cooney: 13
Ennis: 13.5
Gbinije: 14
Grant: 14
Fair: Basketball 14, off the court 13
Johnson: 14
Keita: 16
Obokoh: 15
Patterson: 13
Roberson: 15

Lisa: If the subtract-two-sizes conversion is accurate, I’d wear a 3.5 in men’s shoes. Holy huge feet on this team, Batman.

What's your favorite pizza topping?

Cooney: I'm a plain cheese kind of guy.

Lisa: A cowboy for Halloween and plain cheese? I’ll bet Trevor never had detention, either.

Ennis: Extra cheese

Sean: Our backcourt's nickname is Cheese Kind Of Guys.

Obokoh: Meatloaf

Dan: What

Sean: Meatloaf pizza? Go on...

Lisa: I would do anything for pizza, but I won’t do that. Where the eff can you get meatloaf on a pizza, anyway?

Jared: My favorite meals in order are: 1) Meatloaf, 2) Pizza. If you combined the two and I ate it, I wouldn't want to know what would happen to my mind.

Who's your favorite character from a movie or TV show?

Christmas: I like SpongeBob.

Lisa: Explains a lot.

Cooney: Smalls from "The Sandlot"

Lisa: SMH…

Sean: Cooney is totally the Smalls of SU basketball. C.J. is Benny and Boeheim is Squints.

Ennis: T.J. from Disney's "Recess"

Lisa: I first read that as "Disney Princess" and was horrified. Crisis averted.

Gbinije: Schmidt from "New Girl"

Jared: There's been a Schmidt reference. Found my new favorite player.

Grant: Perry the Platypus — we call him Agent P — from "Phineas and Ferb"

Lisa: We?

Fair: Michael Scofield from "Prison Break"

Lisa: THIS!

What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten?

Christmas: I ate some stuff in Estonia over the summer. I have no idea what it was. It was pretty nasty.

Sean: Remind me why we didn't have a camera crew following Rak through Estonia?

Lisa: Un #annexed?

Fair: King Cobra sushi

Lisa: Were you the Cobra Commander, C.J.?

Ennis: Nothing

Swordsman: Get this man a guest spot on "Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmerman" asap!

Obokoh: Mashed potatoes

Sean: Wait til Obokoh finds out about salt potatoes.

Dan: I can already tell that Chino is going to be a delight. And we get him for five years!

Lisa: Chino should take his red shirt year and get out more.

Jared: How can Obokoh like Meatloaf pizza and not like mashed potatoes? This is really confusing to me.

Swordsman: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes go together like a Douglas-to-Coleman alley-oop!

What's the one thing you'd never say to Jim Boeheim?

Grant: Nice shoes

Lisa: Wow.

Sean: Cold blooded...

Ron Patterson: "What defense are we in?".

Swordsman: You may be just a freshman, Ron, but you already know everything you need to know about our defensive philosophy!

Johnson: I can't say anything to Coach Boeheim

Dan: Probably for the best, BJ.

Keita: I would never cuss in front of him.

Jared: How about the impression you did of him at ACC Media Day?

Obokoh: I wouldn't say anything to him.

Lisa: Jimmy B: scaring the bejesus out of the freshmen since 1976.

Patterson: What defense are we in?

Lisa: I vote Ron Patterson for teaching Chino to loosen up and have fun.

What's your favorite pair of shoes?

Gbinije: Vans

Lisa: I dig this. Mike walks around campus wearing Buddy Holly glasses, a cardigan, and dark jeans, doesn’t he?

Jared: How is it that not everyone is wearing Melos?

What's the one thing you wish you knew about Syracuse when you were recruited?

Coleman: I pretty much knew everything.

Lisa: Yea, who asked you that question?

Fair: How much people ask me for tickets.

Swordsman: People, can we PLEASE stop asking CJ for tickets??? Try something else, like, "CJ, can I ave a signed poster of you dunking on Otto Porter's face?" Christmas: The cold

Ennis: The weather

Gbinije: How cold it is in the winter

Grant: Wish I knew it snowed this much.

Johnson: I knew about the weather, but I didn't know this much about the weather.

Keita: I knew it was going to get cold, but not this cold.

Patterson: The cold

Sean: Where did you guys think Syracuse was, exactly?

Jared: These answers remind me of when Boeheim shared a recruiting story about a kid from California who came to Syracuse in the Winter. Can't remember who it was but it was a big-name recruit and Boeheim said he knew the kid wasn't coming as soon as he walked off the plane. Key is to never have recruits visit during the dead of winter.

Dan: I'm just glad DaJuan wasn't taken aback by "OMG SYRACUSE IS COLD"

Who is your favorite villain?

Grant: Doomsday

Swordsman: Listed in IGN's 100 best villians at #46 (a 12 seed in Lunardi's villian bracketology, mind you). Doomsday is an obscure pick, but would have been very effective in the center of the 2-3 zone.

Obokoh: Flash

Dan: The Flash is a villain now?

Jared: Pretty sure Obokoh doesn't know who The Flash is.