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Syracuse Sports Make Me Drink, Episode 7: Reviewing the Carnage

TNIAAM's football wing talks scheduling, gets really worked up about the Georgia Tech loss and of course, talks about beer...

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Welcome to TNIAAM's latest podcast series: Syracuse Sports Make Me Drink. As most of you know, it's tough being a Syracuse sports fan. We're cynical, overly defensive, perpetually pining for respect and as a result, we may have a drink or two (or more). This series plays off that, celebrating the best and worst of being a Syracuse fan each week, while also chatting gratuitously about beer.

This week, John Cassillo and Dan Lyons discuss Syracuse's issue with football scheduling over the past decade (and into the next one, too), the awful realities of Saturday's loss against Georgia Tech and plenty of beer to numb the pain. Some other topics include:

  • Stop scheduling mid-majors that provide no recruiting value, SU!
  • Maryland's hilarious fall after a 4-0 start
  • Jameis Winston, and why he's great, despite the 50 points he'll put on the Orange in November
  • Syracuse's coaching staff can't get up for big games... and that's a problem
  • Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers galore, much to Dan's delight
  • This week's favorite beer choices: You can also follow John and Dan on Untappd!

Plan accordingly: This podcast is just over an hour long. We provide an acceptable amount of SU football talk, while also talking about beer as much as you'd expect at this point.


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