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Syracuse vs. Clemson Attendance Update: 'Doing Pretty Good'

We don't exactly what attendance will look like on Saturday but all signs point to it being "pretty good."

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No one's going to say exactly what attendance is looking like for the Syracuse Orange vs. Clemson Tigers game this weekend, which should confirm for you once and for all that a sellout isn't gonna happen. However, from the sounds of things, it's still gonna get loud in there:

"I don't know exactly how close we'll get," Giansante said. "The Carrier Dome seats just under 50,000 for football and we'd like to push up against that. It's one of those times where it's more than a game, it's an event, and it has everything you could want.

"We're getting pretty tight. We're very tight in the lower bowl. There's no question we'll fill that. We're doing pretty good upstairs."

Syracuse Football: Very Tight In The Lower Bowl.

One of the pieces of the puzzle Syracuse fans don't want to talk about is the influx of Clemson fans, which should help boost numbers if not noise. Some estimates have put their travel numbers high and the school did sell 2,700 of their 3,000 allotted tickets.

Factor in cheap tickets at places like Living Social as well as gameday walk-ups. My original estimate was an announced crowd of 44K. I'm gonna go ahead and up that to 46K for now.