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Four Sentences To Sum Up The Difference Three Weeks Can Make

A blurb at the end of Michael Cohen's piece on Terrel Hunt distills the good vibes that Syracuse football fans can take with them headed into ACC play.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There was a point following the loss to the Northwestern Wildcats when it not only seemed like the wheels were coming off Syracuse Orange football, but it sounded like it as well.

Ashton Broyld was openly firebombing the offense. Scott Shafer was slamming visors against microphones. Drew Allen was cringing following another interception. And Syracuse fans settled in to the ugly truth...we're not that good.

Buried towards the bottom of his article about Terrel Hunt's confidence headed into the Clemson Tigers game, Michael Cohen wrote a paragraph-plus that showed just how far we've all come in a short period of time.

In less than a month the tide has totally shifted. Gone are the moments when Ashton Broyld tells reporters that the offense is still finding itself. Gone are the awkward interview sessions with Drew Allen and Hunt discussing their respective positions on the depth chart. Gone are the uncertainties that plagued this offense following a blowout loss to Northwestern.

In their place is a confident quarterback and set of teammates who match that level of belief.

Yeah, nitpick the specifics, but, all of a sudden things look good. Even if the Orange lose to Clemson this weekend, no one is going to call the season over (well...). And if we can at least hang with them, we'll know we're still on the right track. Not that hanging with them is the goal. Beating them is, absurd as it may sound. And if we do that...well...I don't even know what to do with that information.

But in the here and now, things are decent. The future looks decent. I know where we were three weeks ago and how we all felt about things back then. I'll take decent. I'll take decent all day.