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Syracuse Daily Links - Beards, The Triple-Option & Disgusting T-Shirts

Links for Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013 included bearded linemen, who actually don't have a lot of facial hair, and game planning for Georgia Tech. Oh, and who the heck wears that T-shirt? Gross, dude.

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Syracuse's bearded offensive linemen are a combination of fury and furry |
"It was the first time I ever shaved and I've never shaved again," Robinson said. "It was the worst experience of my life. ... I was like, 'Oh that hurts.' Then the water got on it and, oh God, I just started screaming for my mom."

Syracuse spends extended time in practice keying on Georgia Tech’s option | The Daily Orange
"Ever since the summer, even during two-a-days, we’d say, ‘OK, Georgia Tech. Here we go,’" the head coach said during his weekly interview on Orange All-Access on Monday. Shafer said the Orange carved out some time to prepare for GT’s option during Sunday practices throughout the year, and hasn’t been shy about acknowledging why.

Syracuse has prepared for Georgia Tech's option offense since summer, coach Scott Shafer says |
Paul Johnson's run-heavy, triple-option offense is all about disciplined, assignment football, and Syracuse coach Scott Shafer did not take any chances trying to compress the defense's prep work to just six days. In fact, Shafer confirmed the defense has spent some time preparing for Georgia Tech's offense during Sunday practices dating back to the summer.

Midseason college football report: Syracuse Orange - ESPN
There will be much nit-picking about what-could-have-been in the early going, as Drew Allen won the preseason quarterback competition with Terrel Hunt, then underwhelmed in losses to Penn State and Northwestern before Hunt took over. But Hunt has struggled in ACC play, completing just 18 of 44 passes for 126 yards with no touchdowns and five interceptions in two games, this after looking dominant in wins over Wagner and Tulane. Could the Orange have pulled out a close win over the Nittany Lions with Hunt at the helm? Maybe. Maybe not. Against the Wildcats ... probably not.

After Penn State visit, Syracuse commit Jason Cabinda won't decide until he's '110 percent positive' |
Cabinda is a three-star linebacker from Hunterdon Central (N.J.) High School who committed to Syracuse in July. But his recruitment has taken a twist in the last few weeks ever since Penn State offered him a spot in its 2014 class.

Removal of Ace Hood from Orange Madness represents misconception of rap | The Daily Orange
Bringing rappers Meek Mill in 2011 and Wale in 2012 (who performed a total of five songs combined in the two years) not only nearly tripled attendance numbers, but was huge for recruits-turned-players. Current players Jerami Grant, Tyler Ennis, BJ Johnson and Chinonso Obokoh were all present at one of those two events. In fact, Tyler Ennis’ (this year’s starting point guard) first time experiencing Syracuse was as an uncommitted high school student at Midnight Madness in 2011.

You Should Get That Checked Out
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