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Scott Shafer Tries to Start ACC "Civil War" Following Win Over NC State

Them's fightin' words, coach.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday's 24-10 victory over NC State was a great time since Syracuse won its first ACC game, got back to .500 and snagged a road win all at the same time. The defense looked miles better than it did last week and the running game has morphed into the force we all knew it could be, gaining over 300 yards for the second straight contest.

Obviously there's much to be happy about after a win like that, but then Scott Shafer decided to get all "Civil War"-ish on us...

Since the Post-Standard's SU football feed capitalized "South," they clearly understand the sensibilities of the folks down there and are paying a bit of respect. It also reads as a bit of a threat. People in the South do not enjoy threats. They especially don't enjoy threats from the North. Uh oh...

Next up in Syracuse's "Southern Tour to Force Northern Style Football Upon Them" is Georgia Tech. In Atlanta. Which is a city that played a very critical role in another important North v. South conflict and it did not fare too well. The order to torch Atlanta was given by General Sherman. Another person whose name starts with "SH-" is Syracuse head football coach and chief rabble-rouser Scott Shafer. Coincidences abound!

Brace yourselves, Georgia Tech. Because:

*Note: Use of this song is in no way an endorsement of country music. Without scrolling to the bottom, I'd hope most readers see the humor in this entire article before getting all vitriolic in the comment section as well.