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Reports: Nate Hackett Leaving Syracuse To Join Doug Marrone, Buffalo Bills, Actually

Well, so much for 100% continuity.

Brett McMurphy might have reported that Nate Hackett was staying with the Syracuse Orange as offensive coordinator yesterday but it turns out...not so. The Buffalo News has confirmed that Hackett will indeed follow Doug Marrone to the Buffalo Bills.

Well then. Remember when I said it was okay to go have a bath? I lied.

Hackett's departure mean's Syracuse's 2012 offensive identity leaves with him. With a defensive-minded head coach, a new OC and a new QB, it's anyone's guess what SU's offense will look like in 2013.

Not to mention this could throw a lot of recruiting wrenches into the mix. Zach Allen and Austin Wilson have been kind enough to keep their word so far, but, might this change their minds? And of course that's before we get to folks like Augustus Edwards and Laray Smith.

Well, that's a bummer. Not much else to say at the moment. Damn.

But hey, at least Ryan Nassib's got a job lined up now.