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Calm The F Down: Zach Allen Still 100% Committed To Syracuse

With the shake-up at the top of the Syracuse football coaching change, is Elite 11 QB Zach Allen still coming to SU? Of course he is...


When Doug Marrone shuffled loose the Syracuse Orange coil, one of the first things a lot of Syracuse fans (including myself) said was, "Oh God, there go the recruits." More specifically, I think most of us said, "Oh God, there goes Zach Allen."

The Elite 11 QB, arguably the most highly-touted quarterback recruit Syracuse has seen since Donovan McNabb, is a cornerstone of the incoming 2013 Class. When asked before Marrone took the Buffalo job if the coaching staff mattered, Allen said "It's important to me." And after Marrone left, Allen told Donnie Webb that "I’d honestly rather talk about this tomorrow. I’m trying to be safe." That set off a whole lot of alarm bells about Allen's feeling about the uncertainty surrounding the program.

With Scott Shafer ready to take the reigns and Nate Hackett reportedly still on as OC, Allen finally broke his silence to say, don't worry, I'm still coming.

See? You can go take a bath now.