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The Most Active TNIAAM Commenters & Users Of 2012

For those who leave daily comments and post multiple FanPosts & FanShots, we salute you.

Nate Shron

Every day I log onto this site and I see many of the same usernames over and over. Writing comments. Posting FanShots. Putting up FanPosts. Leaving even more comments. If I didn't love you, I'd tell you that you have a problem.

But you don't have a problem. You're just awesome. And now let's determine just how awesome you are with cold, hard, barely-legal statistics.

I give you, the most active commenters and users of Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician in 2012.

Most FanPosts

sieg44 29
cuse2012 25
FeloniousPhunk 23
nymetsfan1226 19
jpb531 18
Pinker 14
I miss DIAP! 14
PointBlankPeriodPeriod 12
ezcuse 12
Lots of Pulp 12

Most FanShots

FeloniousPhunk 50
cuse2012 39
nymetsfan1226 38
Dan Lyons 30
JohnCassillo 26
DMF 22
Lots of Pulp 18
Hoya Suxa 18
fatmofo55 16

Most Comments

cuse2012 3178
PointBlankPeriodPeriod 3119
Orange22 2524
DMF 2317
StealthTurkey 2082
FeloniousPhunk 1980
DukePettyjohn 1790
nc44 1674
MrPlow99 1568
nymetsfan1226 1437

You can see the full list for every SBNation site here in case you also spend way too much time on another blog as well.

Also, compare these numbers to the 2010 numbers. Look how far we've grown (and how little lives most of us have).

Also, get ready for a really cool new tool, the SBN Roll Call, which will be dropped into GameThreads and other major posts as a way to keep track of who's dominating the comments. If I know some of you, you'll be motivated to comment the crap out of things even more than you already do.