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Getting Reacquainted With New Syracuse Head Coach Scott Shafer

As we await official word on Scott Shafer's hiring as the next head coach of Syracuse Orange football, let's get re-acquainted with our new overlord.

First of all, drink up everyone! (H/T: Gerald H.)

Second, I totally mean this as a not-so-humble's my piece entitled "Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Scott Shafer" written in 2009. /dusts shoulders

Scott Shafer's Wikipedia page already says he's head coach, so I guess it's true. Also, THAT PHOTO!

Don't feel like you know anything about HCSS and want to get acclimated? Here are some key quotes...

"Scheme is overrated, I've always believed that. What's not overrated is getting your kids to play with great effort, great attitude and great enthusiasm. Those are things we can control on a daily basis, and that will be my primary goal. . . . The philosophy of our defense is attack-oriented, attack and react. We want to be a defense this is multiple, that is always putting pressure and forcing the hand of the offense. We want to be a penetrating defense. If you're going to (ask) what our objectives are? The one thing we want to do is stop the run, force them to throw the ball on first down, create negative plays on first down . . . and get ourselves in position to force them to throw the ball. Get them one-dimensional. We don't want to be a defense that sits back. We want to be a defense that creates turnovers and scores touchdowns."

"We're an attack defense; scheme is overrated. All schemes can work if you tackle and keep the ball in front. We're an aggressive defense, force the offense's hand. We're going to stop the run on early downs and force the pass. We'll get situations where when we are forcing the pass, we hit the quarterback, forcing him to throw the ball into coverage."

"I’m extremely excited to be a part of Syracuse University. I think back to my early years as a coach and when I first starting recruiting in the east, especially in New Jersey and New York, I remember seeing Syracuse everywhere, whether it was on the clinic circuit or passing through each high school. I would run into Coach DeLeone and ask him where the best schools were. I’m really excited to take on the responsibility of getting Syracuse back to where they were and fight our buns off to maintain the integrity of the east in recruiting. More importantly, get those kids in here and get back to the top of the BIG EAST." - 2009

And my personal favorite from his intro press conference in 2009:

"Stats are for losers. If we hold them to less yards then I don’t care, but if we hold them to less points, then that’s what I’m looking for. Those are the things we’ll focus on."

If you're wondering who Shafer might bump up to be his DC, Orange Fizz may have called it when Tim Daoust was hired.

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