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Nate Hackett To Remain Syracuse Offensive Coordinator, According To Report

With the news that Scott Shafer would ascend to head coach of Syracuse Orange football, the next big question was whether or not Nate Hackett would remain on as SU's offensive coordinator. ESPN's Brett McMurphy is saying that he most certainly will...

Great news for Syracuse fans looking for continuity and, most importantly, keeping our incoming recruits happy. From the reaction we've been seeing tonight, the players love Shafer and I'm willing to bet there's a lot of love for Hackett as well, especially from incoming quarterback phenom Zach Allen.

Hackett called the plays on Syracuse's history-making offense in 2012. Aside from some dubious goaline decision-making, it was a huge success and proof that Hackett could put together a gameplan that's fun for players and puts points on the scoreboard.

One has to wonder if this also means Charley Loeb is officially off the board next year. Hackett's probably going to want one of "his" guys taking snaps. But...that's a discussion for another time.