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Doug Marrone: I Dreamed A Dream Of Dreamy Dream Dreams

Doug Marrone was officially introduced as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills today and he spoke of dreams, dream jobs and dreamy dreamy dream dreams.


Doug Marrone was officially introduced as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills today. He spoke to members of the media at a press conference where he spoke mostly about the Bills but also of his time with the Syracuse Orange.

Marrone also becomes the latest head coach to wax philosophically about dreams, dream jobs and dreaming of dreams while being introduced. He basically turned into Fantine from Les Miserables (without the degrading sex trade).

"Today, I am experiencing another dream come true," Marrone said. "I had some opportunities to make a choice, and I've chosen to be here."

Marrone was upbeat and excited though extremely coy and reluctant with details. Get used to that, Buffalo.

Where Marrone made the most comments about Syracuse was during a radio interview on Buffalo's WGR 550AM with Sal Capaccio. For those wondering how Doug feels about SU and leaving the program he rebuilt behind, here's where you'll get a taste. (H/T: Jared Smith)

On the state of the program:

"I had an opportunity to change that program get that program headed in the right direction, and the one thing I will always say is: You never stop dreaming, if you stop dream then what happens to us?

That program is in much better shape than it was before. I think the people of Syracuse should be excited about the direction it is going. We've done a lot there from a facility standpoint to where we are as a program in recruiting and creating a foundation for that next coach to really take it to the next level as they go into the ACC.

On the leadership and people at Syracuse:

We have an outstanding chancellor, I think the head of the board of trustees, Dick Thompson, will do an outstanding job - with the rest of the trustees - of choosing the next chancellor. I think Daryl Gross has done a great job of leading that program.

"I know they are excited for me - at least from the people that I talked to - and I am very excited because one thing that will not change, I am an alumnus and I do support that program and I am excited for those players."

On the Syracuse players:

"As far as addressing the players, I do think that is important. I sent a statment out today to the players. I want to make sure that next Sunday - or THIS Sunday coming up - I am going to go back to Syracuse, I am going to meet with my coaches, obviously they're at the convention (American Football Coaches Association in Nashville). I've tried to keep them up to date on what I was doing."

"As far as the players and coaches, I am going to meet with them on Sunday. I'll meet with my players face to face and thank them they were a big part of creating the opportunity for myself to have this dream come true also. "

On the Syracuse recruits:

"With the recruits I talked to some recruits and explained to them what my situation was."

Fare thee well, Douglas.