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Inside Perspectives On The Doug Marrone Move

What do those inside the Syracuse Football Factory think of Doug Marrone's sudden departure?


You were mostly all on Twitter so we've seen the good, the bad and the ugly from different people on the Marrone move to Buffalo. Fan opinion is one thing. Dr. Gross semi-cares about it as long as he's selling tickets. As Dan pointed out early on, that may be the only surefire way to guarantee that this program is able to keep a coach for more than four years.

The Daily Orange has a quick reaction from notable Syracuse Football figures and, generally, the consensus is that Marrone did what he had to do.

I am very happy for coach Marrone and his family. I think he did what was the smart thing for him and landed a tremendous job. I believe Syracuse will be just fine and we cannot dismiss that this program (talent, facilities and awareness) are far better than 4 years ago. This is a much more attractive place for coaches and recruits and it is still a great university. I believe the program with the right hire will continue the upward trend." Rob Long

The guys I talked to inside the program were a little less rosy and a lot more hurt.

I'm kinda awestruck by the suddenness of his leaving. It's like out of nowhere without warning. They team on the whole is surprised and sort of like well "where do we go from here?

So far, no one has told me nor have I seen anything about others staying or leaving or Marrone's contact (or lack thereof) with the team.

I did talk to someone who works in Major Professional Sports PR (and Syracuse alum) who said that this is the best PR for the school's football program in awhile. Even though things may not be as rosy as we like, unlike before, Syracuse is now an attractive option for a coach.