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44 Random Thoughts On Doug Marrone Leaving Syracuse For Buffalo

Exactly what the title says, dummy.


1. Man, if we can't get Doug Marrone to stay at Syracuse for more than four seasons, who CAN we get to do it?

2. Doug Marrone leaves Syracuse as the best .500 coach in school history.

3. Doug Marrone coached only three more games at Syracuse than Greg Robinson. Something ain't right about that.

4. Obviously, Scott Shafer is the only guy qualified to step up internally. But is he interested? And if so, does he try to keep Hackett on as OC?

5. Speaking of Hackett, Zach Allen namechecked him as much as Marrrone. Probably makes Hackett that much less expendable.

6. I know nothing but my assumption is that Doug Marrone looked at the money available for facilities, upgrades and other tools he'll need in the ACC and said, "they ain't coming so I'm out."

7. So many bologna jokes. Gone.

8. So with the Eagles putting the moves on Chip Kelly and Marrone off to Buffalo, Cleveland must be shitting a brick right now.

9. DOC Gross nearly undid his tenure with Greg Robinson and saved it with Marrone. Where the football program goes from here will be his legacy, Olympic sports be damned.

10. I'm not saying no to the idea of Jim Tressel. But I really don't see it happening.

11. In retrospect, I always figured the only two ways Marrone left SU was by being fired or going to the NFL. Just didn't think it would happen so soon.

12. Marrone did such a good job building a staff, I'm going to hate seeing most of these guys leave for other programs.

13. Syracuse's head coach just got poached by an NFL team. In the grand scheme, that's a good thing.

14. I'm worried DOC Gross is going to want to make a splash and that could cause him to hire the wrong guy.

15. I know nothing of Bob Diaco other than his current job. I'm all for kicking those tires.

16. Something about Mario Cristobal doesn't sit well with me. Feel like he's a mercenary.

17. Then again, maybe that's our fate.

18. I'm willing to bet if you're sitting here saying Doug Marrone is a jerk today, you were probably one of those people who wanted him fired two months ago.

19. The school Doug Marrone beat more than any other? West Virginia, 3 times.

20. So many Dove Bar jokes. Gone.

21. Marrone also beat Rutgers, USF, Maine and Akron twice. Everyone else he beat once.

22. At the end of the day, Syracuse fans just need to accept that you can never, ever, ever trust what a coach says about the longterm. Ever.

23. Same goes for players.

24. Jim Boeheim, you guys. Even if you don't like him, you have to appreciate him on a day like this.

25. Doug Marrone did what he promised. He returned Syracuse football's reputation. Unfortunately, he left before he could put in the reinforcing beams.

26. Floyd Little: Head Coach/Running Back?

27. The only good reason I can think of to give Nate Hackett the HC job is to ensure that Zach Allen comes to SU.

28. Anyone else thinking Laray Smith got spooked by the impending news? Combined with Ogundeko choosing Clemson, SU didn't look all that appealing anymore.

29. Expect a lot of folks who didn't pay attention to poo-poo Marrone's overall record. And to be fair, I get it. We're talking about an NFL head coach here.

30. I'm concerned about the recruits, you guys. And I'm afraid to check their Twitterfeeds.

31. It is "just business" but you're allowed to say something, Doug. Anything. Just tell us how much you loved it here. That's all we need.

32. Could Syracuse and Buffalo end up swapping coaches? That would be weird.

33. It's okay to be angry. What you thought was going to happen, didn't happen. But...that doesn't make Marrone wrong.

34. Wonder how Marrone talked to the players. If he talked to the players...

35. Doug leaving will set Syracuse back, but any thought that we'll immediately return to the Greg Robinson days is rash and unrealistic.

36. But damn, it sucks to go into the ACC without continuity.

37. Syracuse just has to accept we are who we thought we were. A great chance to make your mark before moving on to something "better." Harrumph.

38. The timing might actually be good as offering a chance to coach in the ACC is a whole lot better than offering a chance to coach in the Big East.

39. I really wish BC hadn't snagged Steve Addazio already.

40. Guessing that if anyone is going to follow Marrone to Buffalo, it's Donnie Henderson.

41. If there's any one non-coordinator assistant I'd want to hold onto most, it's Greg Adkins. Guessing he'll be working in the SEC next year.

42. Rumors abound that Marrone's family received verbal abuse from some SU fans. Can't imagine going to the NFL will help that.

43. Marrone leaves ninth on the Syracuse all-time coaching wins list with 25. Before you smirk, remember that 25 wins immediately following GRob is like 50 wins any other time.

44. Good luck in the NFL, Doug. And thanks for getting Syracuse football back on it's feet.