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Michael Carter-Williams Cares Not Of Your Opinion, Jerk

MC Dubz has heard your concerns and he cares not for them.


Syracuse Orange guard Michael Carter-Williams goes from hero to goat more than most players in recent memory. With the dumb Big East schedule set up the way it is, when he's a goat on Saturday or Sunday, he has to hear about it all week.

And he wants you to know (in a way that shows how much he does care) that he doesn't care what you think.

"Other's opinions on my game or how I play, that doesn't matter to me,’’ Carter-Williams said Tuesday. "That’s why I play the game and they watch.’’

Carter-Williams says he has no problem with the criticism, adding that it comes with the job of being the point guard.

"I’m comfortable with it,’’ Carter-Williams said. "It doesn't matter to me.’’

Hey, he's not wearing No. 1 cause he wants to AVOID attention...

Obviously, MC-Dubz will have to live with the criticism until he makes up for it but, you know, his life might be a little easier if he had a fellow guard that would chip in during crunch-time as well...