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Syracuse Lacrosse Ready to Move Forward Without Nicky Galasso

The press release signaling the end of Nicky Galasso's season was sent out probably an hour before the media was scheduled to meet with Syracuse Players and John Desko. Galasso's name was mentioned a lot, but Desko isn't too concerned and a rising junior is ready to fill in.

Generic Syracuse Lacrosse Photo....
Generic Syracuse Lacrosse Photo....

After last week's scrimmages, I chatted with someone who was in the know with the Lacrosse team. He told me that Nicky Galasso's injury was serious, but Syracuse wasn't ready to write him off yet. Those fears came to fruition as Galasso is officially done for the season with a right foot injury lower body injury. Coach John Desko said all the normal coach speak that we expected.

I think it's tough on the group, I think it's tough on Nick and his family and on the staff as well. We were excited to see what he could do. He was just starting to get in shape and familiar with the offense. It was disappointing.

We didn't expect him at the end of fall ball to be coming in here. We needed some of our players to get more experience this fall, we played a lot of young players last year and we're hoping that experience pays off this year. I think you saw from the scrimmage some improvement from the younger guys.

I think you're going to see what we did in the last scrimmage when Nick didn't play so it doesn't really affect us going forward. What we did in the fall, what we did in the scrimmages I think you're just going to see more of...Nick's only practiced with us for a few weeks.

Note that Desko emphasized the "few weeks" part. Galasso had the hype, but he was obviously still working on learning the system before he could make the kind of impact we all expect him season.

In the above mentioned conversation, the source had indicated it was a real possibility that Galasso could medical redshirt (Desko confirmed this) and Pat Powderly could be a young attack to fill in some of the void. Powderly had eight total points in the last scrimmage with four goals, a stat line that even surprised him.

It really felt good, I'm more of a feeder but this time I got to get a few shots off that I liked and able to get them in the back of the net.

The Maryland native knows that with Galasso down, who he called a "real good friend," his role his more than likely to expand and thus, more time on the big stage.

It's exciting, a little nerve wracking but I'm excited to get out there and show what I can do, make stuff happen, get guys like [Derek Maltz] Maltzy the ball and JoJo [Morasco] and Luke Cometti so I think they can lead us to where we want to go. I'm just another one of the pieces to the puzzle.

The Orange are on the road for another three way scrimmage this weekend in Columbus featuring Robert Morris and Ohio State, a trek John Desko acknowledged was out of the ordinary and an eight hour bus ride. (Read: not happening again anytime soon.) I'll have a recap of that action has it trickles out and more media fun next week.