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Doug Gottlieb, Seth Davis 'Get High' After Jim Boeheim Passes Bob Knight

Following Jim Boeheim's 903rd victory Wednesday night, CBS college basketball expert Seth Davis poked the Doug Gottlieb bear. The rest was typical Gottlieb gold.


Too many times Syracuse basketball and its head coach Jim Boeheim has been the target of Doug Gottlieb's made-for-publicity rants. And at this point giving Gottlieb anymore attention would be just adding fuel to his fire.

But last night after Boeheim snagged his 903 victory after a 78-53 blowout of Rutgers, Syracuse's favorite person to hate got in to a entertaining Twitter exchange with coworker Seth Davis that led to both parties saying each other was "high".

(ESPN's Brent McMurphy is still trying to confirm these reports.)

Davis responded with a Tweet (which is now deleted) that defended Boeheim and ended with "u are high."

To make sure all of Twitter knew the pair were just ribbing each other, Davis did Tweet this.

Yet, Gottlieb wasn't going to let his opinion on Boeheim and Syracuse die. He kept sounding off with awful points.

Though, before he stopped ranting he was able to give Boeheim a nice back-handed complement.

Oh, Doug. How you warm our hearts.