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Syracuse Basketball Drops To No. 6 In Both Polls

Syracuse drops to No. 6 in both polls and takes a small hit in just about every ranking. However, those outliers who had SU low in their rankings last week must have realized they were wrong cause they kept SU steady.


The Syracuse Orange skated by against the Cincinnati Bearcats but their overtime loss to the Villanova Wildcats means they had to take a tumble in the rankings this week. They don't tumble too far, dropping only to No. 6 in both the AP and Coaches Polls.

In the AP Poll, the Michigan Wolverines are the new No. 1. That still sounds weird to me and I remember the Fab Five thing and all of that. Then it's Kansas, Indiana, Florida, Duke and Syracuse. Louisville drops all the way down to No. 12 on the heels of three-straight losses. Other notables include No. 22 San Diego State, No. 24 Cincinnati and No. 25 Marquette.

In the Coaches Poll, the more traditional set of voters goes with a more traditional No. 1, the Kansas Jayhawks. They're followed by Michigan, Indiana, Florida, Duke and then Cuse. Other notables are No. 13 Louisville, No. 20 San Diego St., No. 23 Cincinnati and No. 25 Marquette.

I'm a little surprised Villanova didn't get more votes. I get that their record is below the usual ranked teams but two-straight wins over Top 5 teams should count for something, no? Whatever, polls don't matter anyway.

In the ESPN Power Rankings, Syracuse drops to No. 5 this week, down from No. 3. Because you're wondering, Jay Bilas stayed flat at No. 8, which leads me to believe he wasn't paying attention last week. He dropped Louisville from No. 3 to No. 9, just behind us. Whatever. Fran Frischilla and Seth Greenberg also dropped SU to No. 8 while most of the voters have us No. 4-6.

Syracuse in the other polls...

Colley Matrix: No. 9

Massay Ratings: No. 8

RPI Ratings: No. 9

Sagarin Ratings: No. 7

The AP Voter You Arbitrarily Hate This Week continues to be Jon Wilner but he's got a buddy this time. Cormac Gordon of the Staten Island Advance joins Wilner in voting the Orange No. 10. You know that Wilner realized his initial ranking of SU was wrong when he kept them here despite losing.

The AP Voter You Arbitrarily Love This Week is a trio of insanely beautiful voters who have Syracuse at No. 3. Eric Sprott, Jason Franchuk and Jim Benson either didn't watch basketball this weekend or are just way more excited about SU than you are.