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James Southerland Playing Status: Jim Boeheim Says Senior Did Well In Fall Semester

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim was interviewed Wednesday by CBS Sports college basketball insider Seth Davis, who got Boeheim to give an update on senior forward James Southerland. Boeheim didn't give a time frame but he said something interesting.


If there's one thing about a player being academically ineligible it is you really never know what the heck is going on.

Last year's Fab Melo situation prompted a lot of speculation that did not end with a true answer. Meanwhile, this year's James Southerland saga is just as murky.

Following the initial announcement of Southerland's ineligibility there have been rumors floating around about what the real deal could be. Most believe it was just bad grades, however, head coach Jim Boeheim sorta debunked that theory Wednesday telling CBS Sports college basketball insider Seth Davis the senior sharp shooter did well in class this Fall semester. (The answer comes at the 4-minute mark.)

"I feel bad for the kid," Boeheim said. "He's a senior, he has worked hard to be in school, to stay in school - he has worked hard on and off the court. He had a great semester last Fall academically. I am hoping that through the process you have to go through that he will be able to come back."

I think to take away a kids senior year is something you just hope that could never happen but we have to wait and go through the process and see where it all turns out."

Say what? He did great last Fall?

This "new" info gives more credit to the speculation that the NCAA is in fact investigating Southerland on possible fraud chargers surrounding a term paper. If this is true, Syracuse is likely to face some penalties, according to John Infante of However, those penalties are expected to be small.

Unfortunately, this update does not give us an idea of when Southerland could or if he will return to the Orange lineup. But, at least, it is becoming clearer about what is going on.