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Someone Forgot To Tell Villanova The White-Out Thing Doesn't Work

Villanova is going to White-Out against us on Saturday. One of these days these teams will learn...

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

I'm basically just going to cut and paste my Arkansas White-Out post below. Re-enjoy.

What's that, Villanova Wildcats? Did you have something you wanted to let us know about our basketball game against you this weekend? Please, do share:


That sounds like fun, good luck with th-

Wait a minute. You guys aren't trying to do that to intimidate the Syracuse Orange by chance, are you?

Because, look, it's your right and all. And it sounds really cute. But, um, here's the thing. We don't give a f*** about your color-coordination when we play in your basketball arena.

If you're unconvinced, maybe you want to ask a couple other schools.

You could ask Cincinnati. They did a white-out and we kinda ruined it.

You could also ask Louisville about it. They whited-out (is that a thing?). We won.

Oh, and then there was UConn. Yeah...guess what happened?

Arkansas even tried it earlier this year? Guess how that worked out...

But seriously, great idea. I'm sure it will make a big difference...