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Syracuse Football: TE/DE/LS Keith Mitsuuchi Joins Orange

Keith Mitsuuchi has enrolled at Syracuse and will be eligible to join the team for spring practice. He's likely the next long snapper in line after Sam Rodgers.


Five new Syracuse Orange football players enrolled early and will be eligible for spring practice. You know four of them (OLB Josh Kirkland, OT Jonathan Burton, ILB Luke Arciniega and TE Ben Barrett. The fifth one is Keith Mitsuuchi and he's the latest newbie to make your acquaintance.

Mitsuuchi attended South Torrance High School in Torrance, Calif., where he was listed as a tight end and defensive end. He then moved to Los Angeles Harbor College, where he was a long snapper. He is listed at 6-feet tall and 232 pounds.

Mitsuuchi played tight end and defensive end but he was also a long snapper and there's a good chance that's what he's here to do as well. The article doesn't say but it sounds like he's a walk-on.

Not worried about the coach defections, he's here for the football and the academics.

"This is a great academic institution here, and I guess that kind of spurred me," Mitsuuchi said. "Football, it’s great. But in the end you’re trying to get a degree for later on in life."

Sam Rodgers took all of the long and short snapping duties last season. We'll see if Keith can work his way into the rotation now or next year.