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Inside Lacrosse Declares Syracuse at Florida Best Game of 2013 Regular Season

In her latest Danielle's Declarations, Danielle Bernstein of Inside Lacrosse declares Syracuse at Florida the best women's lacrosse game of the 2013 regular season.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Danielle Bernstein of Inside Lacrosse has declared Syracuse at Florida the best women's lacrosse game of the 2013 regular season.

I couldn't agree with her more.

En route to the National Championship last season, the Orange won 14-13 in double overtime against the then ranked No. 1 Florida Gators in the semifinals in Stony Brook, N.Y.

I remember trying to run and watch the highlights at the same time at the gym. If there is one thing my teammates would tell you about me is that I had an awfully hard time with coordination. When it came to ladder and cone workouts, I was purposely put in the back of the line to avoid a bottleneck.

The game itself embodied what women's lacrosse should be at the collegiate level. Both teams were mirror images of each other; speed, athleticism and high energy were at the forefront. The viewers just needed some kind of shakeup that would make the game even more intriguing.

The Lacrosse Gods delivered.

With time dwindling down in overtime, Florida's Gabi Wiegand scored what looked to be the game-winning goal. However, an illegal stick on a stick check erased the go-ahead winning goal for the Gators. The Orange's Sarah Holden needed just 58 seconds to score, capping off the second largest comeback in tournament history.

On March 2, the teams will collide again, this time at SunLife Stadium in Miami, FL. It will be the third meeting between them in two years with Syracuse notching both victories.

If this season's game is anything like last year's outcomes, lacrosse bros and gals alike will be in for a real treat.