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Syracuse To Make Mick Cronin's Tuffy-Wuffy Life A Little Tuffer One Last Time

Mick Cronin visits the Carrier Dome for what might be the last time. How can we forget how bummed out he was about us last year?

Joe Robbins

The Syracuse Orange have been a thorn in Cincinnati Bearcats' coach Mick Cronin for a while now. Sometimes he beats them, usually he doesn't, but either way it doesn't matter because everyone just wants to talk about Syracuse and that's been a real bummer for Micky.

From September...

"Even though you win and you finish ahead of Georgetown last year, you beat them twice, and in the final national poll they’re ranked ahead of you," Cronin said. "And then they get beat in the first round.

"But name-brand connotation, Big East basketball, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? ‘Big Monday,’ Georgetown vs. Syracuse. It’s nobody’s fault, it just is what it is.

"And people want to read about the other Big East teams. They don’t even think about you."

Sad face, you guys.

Well, little bit of good news, Mick. First, you get a chance to upstage the Orange on the big stage today when the Bearcats visit the Dome to take on the Orange, who will probably be ranked in the top five after beating No. 1 Louisville. It's a great opportunity to make some name-brand connotation for yourself.

Second, pretty soon you get to replace Syracuse, Georgetown & Louisville with SMU, Houston & Central Florida. So you'll totally be the talk of the town! Win-win!