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Operation Who Is This Guy: Cameron Cuse Crazy

One brave soul decided to set the bar for future ACC trips by wearing a SU jersey into the middle of the Cameron Crazies.

In the coming years, Syracuse Orange fans will face new challenges. Those challenges will make us uncomfortable. They will take us out of the places we feel safe. And they will drop us directly into the maw of some very daunting animals.

But we must rise up. We must persevere. We must step forward into the blackness for to remain still is to move backwards.

And so, when you're at Virginia, drink a mint julep. When you are in Clemson, eat at Denny's. And when you're at Duke, you throw on a Syracuse Orange basketball jersey, you walk proudly into Cameron Indoor Stadium, you stand directly in the middle of the Cameron Crazies and you act like you belong there.


Now somebody tell me who this magnificent bastard is so we can honor his name and all aspire to like life as he does.