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James Southerland Suspension Related To NCAA Investigation Into Syracuse Basketball Academic Records

It's been roughly 18 hours since Syracuse fans got news that made them want to run off a cliff. Consider the clock reset.


Like I said, it's always something.

We've been wondering for a while now just what James Southerland did to get himself suspended indefinitely from the Syracuse Orange basketball team. Is he failing? Was it something to do with his prep school?

Whatever he's been doing, the NCAA knows about it and is still digging around.

The current suspension of Syracuse University basketball player James Southerland is the result of an NCAA investigation into the SU basketball program’s academic records, according to three sources with knowledge of the situation.

The really fun part is that this is actually Southerland's second suspension. The first one was a double-secret suspension before the Providence game for something TOTALLY UNRELATED! Awesome. That was apparently cleared up with a repayment of benefits he received improperly. Ugh.

After becoming eligible, he was suspended all over again over these academic issues, which may include term papers written by tutors and other things.

As to how the NCAA came to investigate Syracuse basketball's academics...there's no word. Let your conspiracy theories run wild.

And don't forget to factor in the recent resignation of Stan Kissel, Syracuse’s former director of basketball operations. He resigned in December "to spend more time with his family" which is code for "I f***ed up."

F*** this, I'm joining the Buffalo Bills.