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TNIAAM Is Looking For A Few Good Beat Reporters (Did We Just Say Reporters?)

Want to see more coverage of the "other" Syracuse athletics teams? Well then maybe you should cover them...


Say what you will about DOCTOR Daryl Gross but, under his watch, Syracuse Athletics has become as well-rounded as it's ever been. Back in the old days, we cared about men's basketball going to the Final Four, football going to a bowl game, men's lacrosse winning the national title and that was it.

Now? We've got women's programs winning things all over the place. Women's lacrosse is No. 1 in all the land. Our field hockey team is Final Four quality. Our women's basketball team is nationally-ranked and on the verge of breaking through to the big time.

And don't sell short men's programs like soccer, cross country or rowing. Or the fact that our track and field team boasted a national champion last year.

It's hard to keep track of all the exciting stuff going on with Syracuse Athletics. And that's why TNIAAM is looking for a few good beat reporters to take up the task of providing coverage of some of Syracuse's lesser-known programs.

As you know, we've got men's basketball, football and men's lacrosse pretty much covered. What we're looking for is people willing to cover just about every other sport. At the moment, women's basketball, women's lacrosse and women's ice hockey command the most attention, but, everything's on the table.

Interested? Then you need to ask yourself some questions...

Who Am I?

I live in the Syracuse area. Maybe I'm even a student at SU (Exceptions possible).

I'm a good writer (I know what that means). Maybe I'm an aspiring journalist or blogger looking for some experience but the Daily Orange is all like "we're too cool," and you're like, "whatevs."

I've got some free evenings and weekends.

What Am I Doing?

Basic: Attend most, if not all, home games and any away game that you can. Provide post-game recaps.

Intermediate: Speak with coaches and players after games for post-game reactions.

Expert: Attend practices and media ops. Make videos related to the team. Host Twitterchats with fancy hashtags. Anything else that you can think of that TNIAAM readers might be interested in.

Why Shouldn't I Do This?

I don't know if I'll be able to go to most of the games.

I'll probably stop doing it next week.

I think Georgetown is an acceptable place for someone to matriculate.

Where Do I Apply?

Just email me and let me know which beat you're interested in. Prove to me you're the person for the job. Hurry though, beats are first come, first serve.