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Greg Adkins, Tyrone Wheatley & Donnie Henderson Join Doug Marrone In Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills are officially making us their farm team. They had Marrone & Hackett. Now they have Adkins, Wheatley & Henderson too.


Nail everything in the Syracuse city limits to the floor RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, Doug Marrone might take it next.

The former Syracuse Orange head coach and current Buffalo Bills head coach already snagged Nate Hackett. Now he's taking Tyrone Wheatley, Greg Adkins & Donnie Henderson with him too.

Marrone is also taking Jason Rebrovich, a defensive assistant who's name you're just hearing for the first time ever today. So, whatever.

It was a foregone conclusion that Henderson was going to follow Marrone and/or leave and we had been hearing rumors about Wheatley for a while now. But color me surprised about Adkins. I just assumed he was a college guy given his recruiting prowess. However, the rumored Virginia Tech job never happened and who the hell turns down a shot in the NFL?

The news that incoming OC George McDonald is not only a great recruiter but also knows the Florida area & JUCO recruiting world well is welcome news with the loss of Adkins.

I'm not gonna get mad at Marrone or the assistants. To paraphrase Ghosbusters, "When someone asks if you're an NFL coach, you say yes." Doug got there on the backs on the hard work of his assistants, it's no surprise he wants to go to battle with them again. And Scott Shafer seems to be putting together a solid core of coaches on his own.

That said, we've basically become the Buffalo Bills' AAA club, which I suppose makes Western Michigan their AA club.

And also, Buffalo now has Syracuse's former head coach, offensive coordinator, RB coach, O-line coach and DB coach. If you're Ryan Nassib, Shamarko Thomas, Justin Pugh, Zach Chibane, Alec Lemon, Marcus Sales and Prince-Tyson Gulley and you DON'T get drafted or get a look from them this preseason...