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Former SU Athletics Media Director Due In Court In Unlawful Surveillance Probe, Per Report

The Post-Standard is reporting that former SU Athletics media director Roger Springfield is due in court today to face allegations of "surreptitious locker-room video recordings."


Former Syracuse University media director Roger Springfield is due in court today to face four counts of second-degree unlawful surveillance after a monthlong probe into allegations of "surreptitious locker-room video recordings", The Post-Standard's Jim O'Hara is reporting.

The indictment charges Springfield with making secret videos on Nov. 10, 2012, two times in the spring of 2010 and on occasions in the fall of 2010, as well as April 14, 2012.

Defense lawyer James McGraw said the most recent incident from November occurred in Florida while the others occurred here in Syracuse.

The news comes almost a month since O'Hara reported Springfield, who's real name is Roger Cahak, was under investigation by the Syracuse police and the District Attorney's Office.

As noted last month on TNIAAM, the investigation was set off internally by SU officials, who alerted police. According to the most recent report, it was the Nov. 10, 2012 incident that set off the investigation.

"There is no evidence of any sexual misbehavior," McGraw said, noting Springfield is married and has three adult children.

Springfield was the mastermind behind all the pre-game videos, the tribute videos and most other athletic video media. Springfield also was a long-time sportscaster at WSTM-TV.