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Syracuse Football: Adkins, Wheatley Rumored Gone, Moore Apparently Staying

According to reports, both Greg Adkins and Tyrone Wheatley may be leaving the SU football staff while WR coach Rob Moore is apparently staying.


I think the reason Syracuse Orange football fans are freaking out about the extremely-normal practice of losing assistant coaches when a head coach leaves is that we're not used a head coach leaving for positive reasons. We're used to everyone getting canned and replaced. So keep that in mind when you read about how Greg Adkins and Tyrone Wheatley are probably gone.

First up, Wheatley. Ty-Ty has been a solid recruiter for the Orange in Michigan and Ohio, not to mention coaching up a unit that has had a 1,000 yard rusher every single season. It's no surprise that he's a commodity and it's no surprise that Doug Marrone might be the one to take him. He did a great job under Marrone here, why wouldn't he want Wheatley on his staff? And why would you be mad at Marrone/Wheatley for going in that direction? We'll probably know for sure today.

As for Adkins, that's the most logical departure but also the most costly. Adkins was a fantastic recruiter and talent-spotter for SU, basically running the show on Florida, Georgia and all those California JUCOs that have populated the program. He was an SEC-grade recruiter before he came here and I fully expected him to go back to the SEC following us. Turns out it might be Virginia Tech, which, still works, even though it sucks since he'll be going against us now.

Some good news, it seems. According to Dan Tortora, Rob Moore will be staying on as Syracuse's WR coach. Even if the rest of the offensive staff changes, that's some good continuity at a critical spot. I guess that means the OC candidates are cool with Moore or Shafer doesn't care if they're cool or not.

No official word on John Anselmo, Tim Daoust, Steve Morrison and Donnie Henderson yet. I would imagine Daoust and Morrison are locks to stay since they're Shafer guys. As for the others, it's unclear. I expect Henderson to leave since he was a Marrone guy. Anselmo could go either way. We'll find out soon enough I'm sure...