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Syracuse 2013 ACC Football Schedule: Atlanta, Tallahassee & Raleigh, Here We Come

Syracuse released it's inaugural ACC football schedule today, featuring all new opponents and all new road trips.


The Scott Shafer Era begins at the same time that the Syracuse Orange begin The Damn ACC Era (we'll get to that glorious phrase soon). As they officially announced Shafer on Friday, they also officially unveiled the home-and-away schedule for their first Damn ACC rodeo. Here's the breakdown...

Syracuse's 2013 ACC Opponents (Home)
Boston College
Wake Forest
Pittsburgh (Coastal Division Crossover Opp)

Syracuse's 2013 ACC Opponents (Away)

Florida State
N.C. State
Georgia Tech (Rotating Crossover Opp)

Combine that with the non-conference games currently scheduled (Penn State @ NJ, @ Northwestern & Tulane) and we only need to fill one more open slot, assumedly with a home game against a FCS or non-BCS school.

I'm glad we split Clemson and FSU with a home and away. FSU is the only road game that strikes fear into my heart. The home schedule ends up being not quite as exciting as one might have hoped since we'll see ol'Pitt as well as former Dome regular BC. Wake is also a recent opponent so that leaves the Clemson game as the marquee home game of the year.

No Miami but that's fine. We'll see them soon enough.

So, what do you think?