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Zach Allen Is Syracuse's Hardest Working Recruiter

Zach Allen is doing more to keep Syracuse's 2013 Class together than anyone.

© Richard Mackson

Do you love Zach Allen yet? Do you want to marry him? Do you want to have his children? Do you want to also have your children? Does that sound like a lot of children? (H/T: So I Married An Axe Murderer).

We got off base here, the point is, Zach Allen is awesome (via D.O.):

Allen thinks he spoke with about 10 recruits this week, attempting to keep them sold on the program. Those recruits included outside linebacker Devan Carter of Rochester, N.Y., and running back Augustus Edwards of Staten Island, N.Y., two players who have softened their verbal commitments to Syracuse. Edwards said he would be taking three visits to other schools on his Twitter account.

"A couple guys were talking about taking visits and then they were just interested in looking at other opportunities, making sure they’re not missing out," Allen said.

Allen even lets us in one a little inside baseball football. Per Nate Hackett, who told Allen, the Syracuse Orange are currently looking at two offensive coordinator candidate outside of the current staff "who will run the same offense Hackett ran." Re-commence your speculation!

Move over Charley Loeb, you might be ridiculously good-looking, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Allen is ridiculously-awesome.