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Critical Analysis: Who Really Is New York's College Team?

St. John's is flying banners that says "We Are New York's Team." O RLY?

Mike Stobe

The Syracuse Orange are New York's College Team. We know that because a taxi told us so.

And besides, it's not like anyone else is trying to say otherwise...



You call down the thunder, St. John's Red Storm, well now you've got it.

I've decided to do some extremely in-depth, Nate Silver-esque statistical analysis to prove that the Syracuse Orange and not St. James or whatever they are are actually New York's team of note.


Attendance For Syracuse vs. Temple in Madison Square Garden on Dec. 22: 12,648

Attendance For St. John's vs. Rutgers in Madison Square Garden on Jan. 9: 6,192

St. John's 2012 Average Attendance: 8,428

Attendance For Syracuse vs. St. John's In MSG (2011): 14,400

I'm glad we had this chat. See you guys February 10th (and many more time in the future, it seems).

H/T: Jon H.